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Eastern Sugar and Cane Plc (ESC) - the largest sugar producer in Thailand’s eastern region ESC has manufactured, sold sugar and electricity for more than 56 years. It has adopted the fully integrated system in running its business, utilizing all the raw material parts including wastes.

Currently, ESC has a cane crushing capacity of 32,000 tons per day, and has an electricity generating capacity of 59.8 megawatts, of which 55 megawatts are generated from its biomass power plant and the rest from biogas power plant. ESC also sells 31 megawatts to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and Provincial Electricity Authority.

Challenge and Solution: 24/7 central management and monitoring by video wall solution Alphafinity has never been afraid of diverse challenges. ESC covers a large operating area which includes indoor and outdoor spaces, sugar manufacturing areas, power generating plants, offices and surveillance booths. Alphafinity’s diverse surveillance products can be found across ESC, even at the power plant area that operates in a very high temperature environment.

For the outdoor zones and manufacturing areas, Alphafinity’s I267 Starlight Bullet camera were installed. The I267 full HD 1080P resolution in 16:9 and WDR Extreme 140dB bullet camera provides crystal clear coverage in bright daylight and through the darkness of night. Even if the factory is located in extreme environments with high temperature range fluctuation, is not a problem for the I267 camera because of its IP-67 rated housing and wide range working temperature. The 1267 camera is protected against dust and ensures operation under all weather conditions.

For Indoor spaces throughout ESC, the A4131 Starlight Dome camera installed strategically throughout the areas provide clear imagery regardless of lighting conditions. The A4131 camera features Exmor WDR sensor and Smart IR LED; which can capture both dark and bright parts of an image with double shutters, enabling two frames to be combined to generate a highly realistic image.

Besides high quality network cameras, a central management software (CMS) for the control room is utmost important for the whole security system. Live viewing from all cameras 24/7 across the ESC is important, especially to check on the manufacturing status or any intruders around highly critical areas. Alphafinity’s VD64 Is widely applied in this project. VD64 is a H.265 4K UHD hardware decode Linux-embedded video decoder, offering high performance video wall decoder solution. It can monitor up to 64 channels live-view on local display via HDMI, Display Port and VGA connectors and supports 4K UHD network camera. It also connects streaming from both IP camera or NVR.

Feedback from Senior Engineering Leader of ESC Security department, Phat Rattanawan, “The diversity of Alphafinity products allow our company developed comprehensive and customized surveillance solutions to meet the unique requirements. It was an excellent decision to acquire the high quality system and user friendly operation. We can easily expand system based on situational and financial requirements in the future.”