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As the city continues to grow, the safety of our citizens remains a priority. Running Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) has enabled us to seamlessly operate and manage round-the-clock security surveillance, while having the flexibility to scale and adapt to meet our changing needs.” - An Dong Soo, head of civil safety center, Goyang City.

City Challenges: The city of Goyang, named one of the 10 most dynamically developing cities in the world, is located 20 minutes northwest of Seoul, in the Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. Home to Seooreung, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city has a rich 600-year history and attracts plenty of tourists throughout the year. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors, the city sought an experienced and reliable vendor to maintain security.

The city’s previous video surveillance system often experienced downtime and required manual reboot each time it failed to function efficiently. The technical team that supported this project was under tremendous pressure and under-resourced, which meant that issues could take two weeks before being resolved.

The old video management software also had several flaws. It required constant monitoring by a large number of staff and brought high maintenance costs from the lack of support for HDTV cameras. Goyang sought to improve the quality and reliability of their video surveillance system, more effectively crack down on crime-prone districts and blind spots in the city.

Integrated IP Video Solution :
Milestone first did a comprehensive 360-analysis of Goyang’s existing security needs, before recommending an improved IP video management system to keep the public safe. In November 2014, Goyang worked with Milestone Platinum Partner, Omecca, to replace the old local video management software with Milestone XProtect video management software. The existing hardware environment, including the network attached storage (NAS) equipment from Milestone Technology Partner EMC Isilon, was retained for optimal archiving of the video data.

The previously used software of the city’s 2,500 video cameras was replaced in under two weeks without causing any disruption to daily operations. In addition, two new software applications were integrated with Milestone’s open platform architecture: a facility management system and another third-party software for remotely exporting videos. Both of these solutions were developed in this impressively short period of time - a clear indication of Omecca’s leading expertise with the technology.

The Advantages :
In the recent years, local governments in Korea have implemented surveillance centers to ensure public safety, and Goyang was no exception. With 2,500 cameras in the city now managed by the world’s leading video management software from Milestone, Goyang was safer than ever. For system operators Milestone XProtect software is easy to learn and use, with each staff member able to monitor about 100 cameras simultaneously thanks to the carousel feature and comprehensive XProtect Smart Wall overview.

The scalability, flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the IP-based Milestone video management system have also brought other significant benefits to Goyang. The open interoperability designed by Milestone Systems enables installing partners to implement best-in- class solutions for customized, enhanced security. This provides a future-proof platform that is scalable and allows integration with new innovations in security as they become available.

Public safety : The Top Priority
The city of Goyang is located approximately 20 minutes north of Seoul with a population of just over a million. The city has become an exemplary leader in the country in many areas such as economic vitalization, numerous friendly residential areas, and modern transportation systems. Selected as one of the “World's most dynamically developing top 10 cities" by Newsweek, Goyang City has made the safety of its residents a priority. The city has installed over 2,500 cameras to date.

In order to monitor such a large number of cameras effectively, Goyang needed a flexible, scalable and reliable video management software. Goyang’s old systems were outdated and had stability issues, often experiencing downtime which required external technical teams to fix. In addition, their video software lacked scalability, as it only supported 25 channels per recording server, which led to high maintenance costs forcing Goyang to purchase many servers in order to ensure safety coverage of its citizens. As a result, Goyang turned to Milestone Systems to fulfill their new and long-term video management software needs.

Milestone’s cost-efficient and comprehensive video management software was easily implemented and employed by Goyang’s security team.

“Public safety remains our number one concern. Upgrading our video surveillance infrastructure allows us to better monitor the city streets, especially our crime-prone districts and previous blind spots. Implementing an IP video surveillance solution based on Milestone’s platform was a major improvement,” explains An Dong Soo, head of civil safety center, Goyang City.

Goyang managed to replace their existing video surveillance software thanks to Milestone Platinum Partner Omecca installing Milestone XProtect in less than two weeks, without any disruptions to day to day service.

“The ability to install flexible, scalable Milestone software on our existing hardware infrastructure, and subsequently to add new features from interoperability with facility management software and remote video exporting, has helped us make continual improvements in the quality of our video surveillance technology,” said An.

Reliability and performance – a necessity
Goyang City Hall runs a 24-hour security system that requires instant and easy access to surveillance video, and reliability is a core requirement. With Milestone XProtect, city employees have reliable video access, thanks to failover recording servers, and protection against the deletion or tampering of video data.

“Milestone’s open platform IP video management software has helped us simplify our daily operations. Our security staff have access to uninterrupted video recording, and through the use of schedule and event-driven rules in the Milestone engine, we have an easy way to automate security alerts and actions, also to control external systems and devices, reducing tasks that have to be done manually,” comments An.

In addition, Goyang has been able to optimize system management with Milestone XProtect software. It provides real-time overview of system performance with a customizable dashboard, instant notifications regarding server problems and predictive video retention warnings with System Monitor, enabling Goyang to seamlessly adjust the data load on recording servers, move cameras easily from one server to another in runtime with minimal interruption to the video stream, and requires no need for camera reconfiguration.

Open platform provides flexibility
Milestone’s open architecture also provides Goyang with the scalability and flexibility required to expand on the security with more innovations at any time. In addition to replacing the previous video management software, Omecca also developed and integrated two pieces of software – a facility management system to manage IP camera devices on site, and a video export software application for remote searching/playback/export of video data from other locations.

The integrated monitoring system based on Milestone XProtect helps operators to respond rapidly to unfolding events. As the many cameras capture input from different angles, it gives system operators options to track live events. It is also easy to search recorded video to retrieve, bookmark and export evidence in case of crimes, sharing with the police to help resolve incidences.

“Video surveillance is rapidly developing today, and the flexibility of Milestone XProtect allows us to customize our video surveillance system, while enabling us to integrate additional applications for extra features,” says An. “It also provides a reporting tool, which helps us track and understand the severity of incidents, and how we have helped in this process.”

Planning for the future
Goyang City initially installed 2,500 cameras in November 2014, but has since then added more than 1,000 new cameras every year. At present, Goyang operates more than 4,700 citywide. With endless integration possibilities, Goyang is able to integrate and embed third-party applications and business systems into the Milestone software and XProtect Smart Client, through the Milestone Integration Platform (MIP).

“As the city continues to grow, we remain confident that the Milestone security surveillance system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional security demands. Public safety is of paramount importance, and we are committed to investing in the latest technologies to help us reduce administrative time and improve the efficiency of our resources,” comments An.