Mr. Fu Liquan Named “Zhejiang Businessman of The Year

Mr. Fu Liquan, Chairman and CEO of Dahua, was recognized as a Zhejiang Businessman of the Year. The award was presented by Mr. Ju Zhaohui, Deputy Director General, Department of Publicity, Zhejiang Provincial Committee in the 2016. Zhejiang Businessmen of the Year Award Ceremony was held on Jan 12th, 2017. Mr. Fu Liquan has devoted15 years to video surveillance industry with great passion. He found and grew Dahua into a world-leading player in the industry.

Zhejiang Businessmen of the Year Award enjoys the highest reputation among the group of Zhejiang business people. The award ceremony was organized under the guidance of Department of Publicity, Zhejiang Provincial Committee, and it had been hosted by Zhejiang Radio &TV Group and Zhejiang Television - Economic Channel for 14 years. Legendary businessmen like Mr. Jack Ma of Alibaba and Mr. Zong Qinghou of Wahaha had been awarded this title in previous years.

Mr. Fu Liquan, born and raised in a peasant family near the Qiantang River, demonstrated in his career the entrepreneur spirit of Zhejiang Businessmen. Dahua technology has accomplished world class business performance in the video surveillance arena. The company was founded in 2001 and launched the world’s first 8-channel real-time embedded DVR in 2002 to earn its early success. Dahua pioneered the application of High Definition over coaxial cable video technology, which has become an international standard. Dahua was recently ranked by a&s magazine as the 4th on the list of 2016 Top Security 50 --1 position higher than last year.

In Rio Olympic Games 2016, Dahua products provided 80% of the cameras used in the Olympic surveillance project. Security level was largely enhanced with Dahua Megapixel IP Solution with advanced intelligent features. In Hangzhou China, where Dahua is headquartered, G20 Summit 2016 was safeguarded 24/7 by Dahua Safe City Solution, utilizing more than 20 thousand sets of Dahua products and dozens of Dahua’s advanced technologies such as vehicle/face recognition. LFW, global authoritative institute on face recognition, released a new ranking in 2016 and Dahua’s face recognition rate (99.78%) broke LFW record and became the best in the world. In 2016, Mr. Fu Liquan launched “Video+” strategy, setting a new direction of product and technical innovation. Moreover, this started the new industry upgrading route of surveillance industry. Dahua’s future development will be driven largely by technological innovation, quality improvement and better service.

Since its IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008, Dahua has achieved a compound annual growth rate of 47.67%. Now it is worth more than 38 Billion RMB, and has foot prints in more than 180 countries. According to the latest report by IHS, Dahua’s share in global video surveillance market grew to 7.5% and has been ranked the 2nd for three years. With high sense of responsibility, and the emphasis on technological innovation, quality and service, Dahua is gradually but steadily stepping up its global presence and influence to industry development.