Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd (“Atilze”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Yen Global Berhad, and edotco Group Sdn Bhd (“edotco”), a subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad (“Axiata”) announced the rollout of Malaysia’s first low-power, long-range wireless protocol (LoRa) network with the completion of twenty-five (25) LoRa gateways. The sites cover the Klang Valley area and are now ready to serve the commercial needs of Internet of Things (IoT) services to potential enterprises and clients.

The announcement follows a collaboration agreement signed on 2 September 2016 between Axiata and Atilze to i) explore, develop and pursue IoT opportunities across Southeast Asia ii) implement proof-of-concept pilots in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand which focus on commercializing city-wide LoRa network deployments. As part of the agreement, edotco has provided twenty-five (25) sites to allow Atilze’s LoRa gateways to be installed on edotco’s telecommunication towers.

LoRa network technology allows sensors and connected objects to collect and send data back to an IoT data cloud server for the processing of data to gain valuable insights from the IoT devices and applications. The technology allows for connectivity solutions at reduced costs with wide coverage and efficient power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly solution as well.

“This collaboration with edotco and Axiata allowed us to deploy the latest LoRa gateway capabilities. This is an exciting moment for us to provide our IoT solutions and we are delighted that we have accomplished our tasks in installing the required LoRa gateways in the Klang Valley that covers Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Port Klang. Capitalizing on the bright future of IoT, we are confident that our LoRa gateways will be able to serve the expected needs of companies, moving forward. This initiative is important, as it opens up opportunities for enterprises as well as application providers including the Maker Community to deliver their IoT applications using our LoRa solution,” says Gerard K M Lim, Chief Executive Officer of Atilze.

Gayan Koralage, Director of Strategy edotco Group said, “At edotco we aim to seek innovative and environmentally sensitive telecoms infrastructure solutions, so we are pleased to complete the rollout of the first 25 LoRa gateways in Malaysia with Atilze. Globally, LoRa networks have proven to be the one of the most efficient technologies to support the needs and demands of IoT solutions due to its effectiveness in cost, power consumption and ability to provide wider coverage. The rapid commissioning of these LoRa gateways will accelerate the rollout of IoT services for Atilze and its partners such as Axiata.”

The readily available Atilze LoRa gateways are now offered to enterprises which can also have access to ready-made IoT applications and services for Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Home Services and Smart Agriculture solutions. Atilze is currently in discussions with various enterprises to deploy IoT services and solutions utilizing the LoRa gateways in Klang Valley. The IoT applications and services that will be implemented on the Klang Valley LoRaWAN gateways include environmental sensing, asset tracking, smart parking, smart metering, smart farming and security services.

The deployment of the LoRa solution brings together lower cost connectivity with broader coverage and lower energy consumption. Used efficiently, LoRa can contribute to achieving the aspirations of the IoT with a projected thirty-four billion devices to be connected to the Internet by 2020.